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Whenever we are faced with a decision, we are required to analyze the most important factors in order to know what is best for us to choose. It also happens when we want to buy MMA gloves and doubts invade us, but with the correct information it can be made easier. That is why we developed the following text, in order to provide you with the knowledge and tools to make your choice something simpler.

There are several factors to consider when it comes to gloves in MMA practice, but we will emphasize the two most important:

* Their use, if they are for training or for competition

* Quality, material, brand


Depending on the “what for” is the purchase of the gloves based. We distinguish three main situations for which different types of gloves are used.

If it is for training with a bag, mittens or some specific standing positions, gloves that have good padding and padding are used to protect the hands well, hold the wrists, and allow the fighter to hit hard without worrying about possible injuries. In this case Boxing gloves can be used, since they are designed for this use.


The Sparring Gloves are designed to practice the technique of blows, with an extra padding that protects the hands, including the thumb, and for this reason it weighs between 7 and 8 ounces, being slightly heavier than the competition gloves. . The only downside to this type of glove is that, being more protected, they sacrifice the possibility of being used for submissions, grappling and other choking techniques.

Finally we have professional competition gloves. Unlike the previous two, these are lighter and lighter, thinking 4 ounces, which is because they have less protection padding. In case of being used for training, the fighter will be forced to lower the force of his blows to avoid injuries. Another difference is that the design comes with the fingers separated and the palms exposed, in order to favor the techniques of grasping the opponent.


As for the material, we recommend those that are made of natural leather since these are of better quality and therefore their resistance and durability will be greater. There are others that are made with synthetic leather, its quality is a little lower, as is its price, but there are exceptions and they can be found of high quality. As for the price, in addition to the material, the brand and the country of production influence. Surely a national brand will have a lower price than an outside brand that must pay different taxes and fees. Regarding the brand, we recommend the Venum, Leone and Buddha models, more than anything because we think that quality should prevail over any other feature of the product. And, of course, the official UFC gloves.

We also want to add one last help. It would seem simple, but knowing the size of your own hand can cause some confusion, and nobody wants to have to make the change again in the store. To measure the hand, the first thing you should do is take a meter of seam and surround the knuckle area with it. The length of the circumference will give you the size number:

S: between 18 cm and 19 cm

M: between 19 cm and 20 cm

L: between 20 cm and 23 cm

XL: between 23 cm and 25.5 cm


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