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Benefit of boxing for children

Benefit of boxing for children

Surely it will not be the first time that they read how good sport is for children. It could be said, almost certainly, that practicing sports in them is almost as important as learning to read and write. It goes beyond the mere idea of ​​learning to do a specific sport, physical activity will only have benefits in the development of life, both on a bodily and personal level. Why do we say this? Simply because the following is known:


-It is one of the main factors in the development of psychomotricity


-Defines laterality faster


-Favors the growth of muscles and bones


-Helps them fall asleep


-Away from sedentary lifestyle


-Socialize and promote relationships with other children


-Learn about discipline, following rules and creating habits


The WHO recommends that children practice aerobic sports, such as martial arts, as they are important in the development of coordination, elasticity, balance and sense of rhythm. This is where the sport in question comes in.



For a time boxing carried the prejudice of being directly associated with violence, which was reflected in the parents' attitude of not wanting their children to practice them. But over the years the opposite has been demonstrated. Boxing is 100% positive and he only has good things to contribute.


Their physical demand requires that the children are fully focused on what they do, making their attention improve with each training. Same attention that is then transferred to school activities improving their performance.


Boxing is a complete sport that consists of a diverse range of punches, techniques and strategies, which pose a constant challenge for children. Learning them is a matter of time and effort. This means for them, incorporating the fact of setting goals and achieving them; a value of great importance for success in your life.



Finally, we want to mention self-defense and respect. Boxing transmits strong values ​​of respect towards others, to teachers and colleagues. They are made aware that violence is not a resource they should use, but at the same time they are given confidence so that they can act with security and tranquility in the face of a situation that may threaten their physical integrity.


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