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The boxing rope allows you to gain a large number of boxing skills. In daily training, it becomes an essential tool to improve physical fitness and develop in boxing.

Benefits of boxing skipping training
Improvement of the aerobic state. It helps in cardiovascular work so that performance is higher. There will be a better physical state to overcome bouts without fatigue appearing at the first change.
The camber allows for a large number of different exercises. It will not be boring since little by little higher level exercises will be added, increasing the difficulty and setting new goals.
It is an activity that requires great concentration. It will be a skill that will later be transferred to the ring.
It allows to compare the times in the ring during a round. It will be necessary to start for short times but the goal should be to reach 3 minutes skipping rope without exhausting yourself. Once this time is reached, the number of series will have to be increased to make it as close as possible. It is a good way to compare the body activation that exists during the time that a ring lasts, although later we have to accompany the movement of the legs with that of the arms.
The rope allows full body activation, during your practice all muscle groups are worked on. At the same time, coordination between these groups is being worked on and there will be much more dynamism between them.
Characteristics of a boxing rope
When starting in boxing, it is normal to resort to a typical jump rope, without any particular characteristics. However, wanting to progress in the tricks and exercises performed, he will soon think of buying a professional boxing rope.

This type of warps have certain peculiarities that we will explain below.

The grip of the hands should be comfortable as well as light. Hands should rest firmly on the handle, preventing them from slipping when turning the camber. This area is usually finer in professional ropes than in amateurs. At first it may seem strange to hold it, but in a few minutes we will realize the advantage it brings.

The area of ​​the rope will allow greater speed in its turn. At first this will be a minor feature because the speed of the jump will be less than it takes to turn the camber. However, by increasing the number of jumps in the same unit of time, the rope needs to rotate with great speed.

The higher level ropes usually allow adjusting the centimeters of rope. As children we have always resorted to picking up part of the rope to fit our size, but this will make it difficult for us to jump. Depending on our height, the pro ropes allow us to regulate the size of the same without having to hold the rest of the excess rope next to the handle.

Although you have to invest a little more to buy a more professional rope, it is a purchase for life.


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