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Are you looking for boxing mitts to improve your hitting technique? In MMA style we have different types, all of them made with the highest quality materials.

Boxing mitts are very practical for certain exercises focused on improving the precision, speed and coordination of your shots.

Generally the coach or trainer puts them on and the athlete hits on them.

What kinds of exercises are performed with boxing mitts?

Boxing training is generally focused on improving the attack, although sometimes the defense can also be improved by trying to avoid the coach hitting us with the mitts.

Depending on what your level is, training in your boxing classes will be one way or another:
➞ Initial stage: no more than three shots are dealt
Intermedia Intermediate stage: between three and four blows.
➞ Competition stage: more than four shots

With boxing mitts not only can you perfect your straight punches, but you can also practice hooks and cross punches. In addition, it is very common that they are used in martial arts whose training includes kicks.

What types of boxing mitts are on the market?

Just like when we choose our boxing gloves, selecting the correct type of mitt for our exercises will be key to our progress in training.

There are two types of mitts on the market:
➞ Flat mittens: They are training mittens that are held with the palm of the hand straight. Depending on how we place them they can receive different types of blows, either with the fists or the legs.

They are perfect for those who are starting to practice boxing or another type of contact sport.
Curvas Curved mittens: they are characterized by having a curvature in the center. Its function is to perfect the fighter's blows.

They are recommended in exercises with mittens for athletes who already have some experience.

As for the material with which the mittens are made, the great protagonist is leather. In this way, the hitting sensation is much more real.

Why buy your boxing mitts in MMA Style?

From Estilo MMA we can offer you the best boxing equipment from the best brands and made with quality materials.

We are professionals in the boxing sector and we can advise you on any questions you may have; From choosing between the best punching bags, to knowing what is your ideal size of gloves.

If you need to buy boxing products urgently, you have come to the right place. At MMA Style we ship within 24 hours. Likewise, if you need to make a change to your order, we manage it within the same period.

Do not settle for less and bet on the service of authentic boxing professionals.


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