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Boxing shorts are the only piece of clothing that we find among the accessories for boxing. It is a simple accessory, but it must obey several basic aspects so that the boxer feels comfortable.

How should boxing shorts be like

You've probably already noticed that the biggest brands of boxing equipment offer boxing shorts very similar to each other. This is because the format is already well established and all brands meet the same characteristics, with differences in pattern and slight variations in shape.


In all boxing shorts, these features must be included:

  • Elastic at waist height. With an elastic rubber inside, it allows adjustment in the waist area, and should not be placed lower, as it will descend with the passage of combat or training. The waist becomes a protective element for the abdomen.
  • Breathable material. However little the intensity of the practice, it is normal to end up sweating and, therefore, it is necessary that all materials used are breathable. Satin is the type of fabric most used historically, although nowadays several materials have been added that also make it perfectly breathable.
  • Freedom of movement. That is why this shorts are wider than those used in other sports. Boxing shorts are long, but at the same time wide, so that the movement of the legs is free and not seen in a limited time.


Boxing shorts are not just a piece of clothing, but they mark an area where hitting is prohibited, thus delimiting the area of ​​blows allowed on the body. A boxer cannot enter the ring with any type of shorts, certain measures must be respected.

Boxing Shorts for women

In general, they are quite similar to men's boxing shorts. The most noticeable difference is in the length, as women's shorts are generally a little shorter, but not excessively, so as not to impede freedom of movement.


On the other hand, it is easier to find women's shorts in smaller sizes than men's, given the body structure of women, who generally have a slimmer waist and legs. No matter what size or width it appears to be, it is at the waist that we should try to choose the ideal size.

Boxing Shorts for training

When training, you can choose specific shorts to do it or any other type of lycra or pants. Always knowing that other types will lead to more sweating, a fact that leads some boxers to favor the elimination of liquids.


Boxing training shorts generally have less protection in the waist area and are slightly longer than competition shorts. Apart from this, there are generally no major differences.


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