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Do you want to buy a new punching bag for your workouts? At Estilo MMA we can provide you with the best brands at very competitive prices.

Qualities of quality punching bags
Training with punching bags today is very common for many sports. They are no longer only used by boxers, but athletes from martial arts or other sports disciplines use them to keep fit.

If you want to have one in your own house to perform different exercises with punching bags, either because you are a professional or because you want to include it when practicing sport, we give you a series of guidelines that you must take into account.

Weight of a punching bag
It is one of the key factors that you have to look at when buying your jacket.

If you are a beginner it is recommended to start with a punching bag that weighs half as much as you do. The reason is that if the weight is greater, you could hurt your joints, so that if the bag is smaller, it will bounce with your blows and prevent injury.

Materials with which it is made
When we choose our boxing team we must think about how often we train and, therefore, the quality we need.

Regarding punching bags, the materials they are made with are:
➞ Canvas punching bag: They are easy to repair but you will need to wear boxing gloves to avoid hurting yourself.
➞ Synthetic leather boxing bags: they are very resistant and do not require as much maintenance as leather ones. It is one of the most recommended and we see the most in gyms.
➞ Leather bags: they are the best quality, although that is also the most expensive, but the touch and feel are worth it, especially if you are a boxing professional.

Boxing bag filler
Depending on which one you choose the hitting feel will be different. A good option is the water filling because it is the closest thing to the human body.

Types of punching bags
The main characteristic that determines which type of punching bag we are facing is the way in which we place it.

In the market we can find the following types:

Hanging punching bag
They can be ceiling or wall mounted. Once you have decided to buy it you have to be clear about where you want to install it since once it is placed it is difficult to move it.

Standing punching bag
They are best suited for those who hardly have space. The advantage is that you can move it anywhere and you can even save it after your workouts.

Muay Thai Sack
They are a little longer and thinner. Their design is because they are prepared to receive kicks. Muay Thai bags are heavier than traditional ones.

If you need us to advise you on MMA Style, we are professionals and we can help you, contact us.


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