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MMA style is one of the largest boxing stores in Europe, you will find all the material, equipment and protections necessary for boxing

You don't need much equipment to box, the boxing equipment is this:

Boxing gloves
The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about boxing and the necessary materials are gloves. Although it is clear that when starting this discipline you will only buy some gloves, you have to know that there are different types, which will be used according to each situation:

Training gloves: useful on a daily basis, to train in front of the bag or mittens. Normally they do not have great characteristics, but they will be useful to avoid wearing other gloves of higher quality.
Sparring Gloves: With the passing of workouts, sparring will become a regular activity. In order to carry it out, it will be better to have suitable gloves for it. They are usually gloves with greater padding, helping to stop the blows of the companions.
Competition gloves: as the name implies, they should be used for competitions. They are usually lighter and smaller gloves.

Boxing bandage
Under the gloves, regardless of the type to be used, bandages must be placed to protect the arms and hands from continuous rubbing.

There are specific bandages for this use, but any type could be used. In addition to the protection against rubbing, a good placement of the bandages will allow greater security in hitting both the wrist and the knuckles, also preventing injuries.

Helmets are mainly indicated when going to sparring. Some gyms even consider them mandatory in this activity.

It is an important protection to make head impacts not a danger during boxing.

Boxing boots
It is normal that the first days you go to training with any sneakers and really that would be good to start. However, if we notice that you like that world and the visit to the ring will be frequent, it will be better to choose to buy some boxing boots.

It is light boots with a great grip on the ground and that allows all kinds of movement. They usually have ankle protection to strengthen the most fragile area of ​​this part of the body.

Element of protection of the? Intimate? Parts. Although it can be used without problem on a daily basis in training, when it is really necessary it will be when fighting against other opponents.

You will have seen how the vast majority of boxers protect their mouth to decrease the severity of the impacts.

It is possible to find mouth guards at a low price, which are heated in boiling water to take on the shape of the teeth and adapt to the boxer. This protector will not only prevent damage to the teeth, but also on the cheeks and the entire interior of the mouth. Just like the shells, they will really be recommended when starting fights.


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