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Are you interested in buying BJJ shells? In MMA style you can find the best for any contact sport.

Many times we give more importance to choosing a good punching bag or good gloves and we forget how important other BJJ accessories are to help prevent injuries.

In the case of BJJ shells, they protect us from any impact that we may receive in the genital area. Therefore, it is important to choose a good material that, while protecting us, is comfortable for us to carry out our workouts.

When is it mandatory to use chills?
BJJ shells are necessary in contact sports where you can receive blows below the waist.

In French boxing training, BJJ, MMA and Muay Thai its use is essential to avoid injuries to the genital part. Choosing the right shell is very important since your safety depends on it.

Types of BJJ shells
 There are different types of shells on the market made of different materials and in different shapes.
Each of them is more suitable for a specific sport, although each athlete can choose the one that is most comfortable for them.

Boxing shells according to their materials
Choosing a shell with the appropriate material for the BJJ training that we carry out is very important to guarantee our safety.

The most common materials for MMA shells are:
J BJJ shells with plastic casing: they are the worst quality and are only recommended for low intensity MMA training.
➞ Plastic BJJ shells with silicone edge: they are the most used since they adapt very well and are quite comfortable.
➞ Metal shells: they can be made of aluminum or steel. They are the safest but they are quite uncomfortable and make freedom of movement quite difficult.

BJJ cups depending on the shape
Depending on the type of sport you practice, it is more appropriate to choose MMA shells in one way or another.

In the market we can find boxing shells in different ways:
➞ Removable shells: Their protection is very low and they are only used for sports such as hockey or rugby.
Ek Taekwondo shell: it is a very traditional model. They are made of metal and have ribbons to place them. They are very safe although they are quite uncomfortable.
 ➞ Boxing shells: they are the most versatile and safest since they not only focus on the genital area, but also cover the lower abdomen, lower back and liver area.

It is important that you value if you need this type of shell since for certain martial arts it reduces mobility.

From MMA Style we recommend that you bet on boxing shells since once you get used to training with them they give you more security.

In MMA Style we have high quality female and male cups so that you can practice your favorite sport comfortably and safely.


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