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Boxing gloves are widely used in all parts of the world. For many decades, this piece has been part of the indispensable tools of contact sports. To practice boxing it is important to know everything about boxing gloves as their types and benefits.

What are boxing gloves?
The gloves for boxing training are padded pieces that are used in contact sports. The intention of the same is to alleviate to some extent the blows that are given to the opponent. In this way, the professionals end up with fewer facial injuries and contusions in other parts of the body.

According to recent studies, the use of the glove in boxing training reduces the force of the blow by 70%. Therefore competitors can preserve their life and that of the other person. In general, gloves are used together with other protective elements for the body.

Benefits of using boxing gloves
Using gloves greatly benefits your hands. When a boxing expert does not care for and protect their hands, the consequences can be very negative. When hit incorrectly during boxing matches, the tendons and muscles are injured. Over time you can begin to develop arthritis and decreased hand functions.

 In view of all the above we must use the best boxing gloves on the market in each of our matches. These help the area to be fully protected. But in addition, they should make us feel the comfort and security before an epic fight. They can also act as a shock absorber, so that the fingers do not receive the impact so strongly. In view of its unmatched benefits, in MMA Style you will find everything you need in terms of boxing gloves.

What types of boxing gloves will you find in our store?
As part of the boxing equipment are the gloves. In the market you get 3 types. These are designed for a different activity. Next, they will indicate what they are and what they are used for.

Boxing gloves for boxing
Venum boxing gloves are the type of bag piece most used in that discipline. It has a filling that lets you train with ease hitting the bag without suffering injuries in the hand.

Speed ​​gloves
The speed gloves are used to avoid bruises and even scratches on your hand when training. Even also when you are using the speed bag. This type of glove is made of vinyl or mitten. Therefore it is perfect for you to unfold easily.

Sparring gloves
These are professional boxing gloves that are heavier than the previous gloves. They are excellent and help your hand is very well protected when sparring. It is also useful for the moment of facing a competition.

In MMA Style we have the best gloves on the market for you and at the best price. So do not wait any longer to contact us, in just 24 hours you will receive your purchase.


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