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The equipment used for the practice of Muay Thai and Kick Boxing was designed more than anything for the protection of the fighters in order to avoid or reduce as much as possible the injuries of the athletes. Within this equipment we find: gloves, mouth guards, shin guards, bibs, helmet and shorts. In this last one we will stop today; Since the muay thai pants are one of the elements that most attract our attention, both when wearing them and when we watch the fights.

Shorts in Thai boxing, as it can also be called, and kick boxing do not have strict regulations for their use whether amateur or in competition and therefore they can be adapted to the tastes and preferences of each one. The only rule to keep in mind is that the pants must be a different color from the one the opponent is wearing, then they should only be completely comfortable for who wears them; By this we mean that they should be short (more than a boxing one), light and with a wide cut so that they allow the fighter to perform movements with their legs and jumps with total freedom.

Traditionally, the designs of the pants always had as their main characteristic that of being very striking, with bright colors and large prints. These designs are among the most varied imaginable and are generally different depending on the country or continent where they are manufactured. For example, in Thailand the stamps are usually images of dragons, tigers or some other representative animal of the area; Famous wrestlers often choose the images they want to wear on their pants and this is used by brands to make the personalized models of each wrestler and then sell them. In Europe, those who practice this sport are often attracted to designs that carry Thai letters.

All brands manufacturers of pants have models for men, women and also a wide variety of unisex models. The difference between the models for each sex, beyond the anatomical, is almost nil, so both can use the same models.

As it has always been, the pants are made with a soft and satin material; that beyond aesthetics, it is something purely sports performance. As we said previously, they must provide comfort and freedom to the movements of the fighter, this is why the reinforced seams play an important role in their manufacture, since they will give the resistance and durability to the pants.

The pants can come with a drawstring to fit the waist, an elastic belt or both. The fighters generally use the model that has a cord since in case it is cut during the fight it is easier and faster to replace; but your choice in case it is for amateur practice should be based more on the comfort of the pants.

The size number always varies depending on the country, although in case of doubts between two sizes, we recommend choosing the one that is slightly larger.


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