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Types of boxing helmets

Head protection in boxing can be done with different types of helmet. As with almost all accessories, there are different modalities that will adapt to the boxer's preferences and the actions he performs.

Thus, we can differentiate between these types of helmet:

Helmet with cheek and chin protection

One of the most widely used types of helmet, practically all boxers use it in training. A different shape is added to the protection of the skull that also protects the cheeks and chin area. The front part is uncovered.

It is very comfortable to wear, while providing security to whoever wears it.

Helmet with front bar

The protection is also aimed at protecting the cheeks, but more content is added so that the blows against the nose are also stopped. It is a front bar that goes from side to side of the helmet, in the middle of the face.

This front bar is usually lighter than the rest of the helmet, usually filled with gel and foam to protect from impact. The lateral vision is kept in perfect condition, but when looking down, in vertical vision, a certain visual field is lost.

Open helmet

It is the one that gives more freedom and vision during boxing, making it more comfortable. That yes, to greater freedom, more professionalism is needed on the part of the one who carries it since it is more exposed to the beatings of the opponent.

This type of helmet is relegated to professional boxers, to be used in competitions.

After knowing the types of helmet that exist in the market, you can choose to buy the one that best suits the use that will be given. You better try which one you feel most comfortable with

Helmet with screen

This helmet is used to have the best protection. The most common is that it is indicated in the practice of sparring, but it is also a good option for newer boxers, as it provides more protection with the front screen.

With this screen, vision is difficult and it can be overwhelming at first, but after a few workouts, the benefits will be greater than the cons for vision.

This type of helmet usually allows future adaptations by facilitating the removal of the front screen.

Other aspects to consider when choosing a helmet

The helmet should be made of breathable materials, but by wearing it just a few minutes, it will create a great feeling of overwhelm and anyone would want to take it off.

Valuing quality, many times looking for the cheapest helmet can be much more expensive in the long run. In addition, in a few trainings you will choose to buy a higher quality one and the expense will be higher.

It is not a complement, but something necessary for boxing. So, choose a helmet that suits your level and never stop using it

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