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Equipment for kick boxing, muay thai and MMA. Venum, Buddha, Everlast, Leone, Twins ...

Muay Thai shin guards are designed to fulfill the function, as its name implies, of taking care of the athlete's shin. In contact sports they are considered the most important protections since they protect the tibial area of ​​the leg, the instep, and in some models the ankles and knees. In the case of Muay Thai, the most used are the rigid ones that have a padding with great absorption capacity in both the tibial area and the instep, providing greater protection. Another characteristic that identifies them is the back closure that can be elastic or made of the same material as the rest of the shin guard.

Beyond some specific differences, the shin guards are versatile, which means that they can be used for most contact sports; So much so that a shin guard model can be used for Muay Thai and also for MMA. They will be of the same use, overcoming a few limitations that should not be influential to sports performance.

The most commonly used material for its manufacture is semi-leather; It can be found in different qualities, but it is a characteristic of this material, it is resistant and highly adaptable.

Although there are several models on the market that are one size, most brands offer shin guards of all sizes so that they can be adjusted to the preferences of those who are interested in purchasing them:

-Size M: 37 cm (from instep to knee), 16.5 cm (from instep to foot)

-Size L: 39 cm (from instep to knee), 19 cm (from instep to foot)

-Size XL: 40.5 cm (from instep to knee), 20 cm (from instep to foot)

-One size: 35 cm (from instep to knee), 18 cm (from instep to foot)

The important thing about shin guards is that they fit the leg in the best possible way, without hindering or limiting movements, so size and grips are two important elements for the use of protections. The fighter will continually subject them to blows and they must remain firm in the same place; The tubular design has become the most requested on the market due to its adaptability to the leg and comfort in terms of fit.

The shin guards have no limitations, as far as designs, stipulated in the rules that govern contact sports. For this reason, brands offer a huge number of very varied designs that fit the personal preferences of all people interested in using shin guards. The market for this product is so extensive that there will surely be a pair of shin guards to meet your needs.

How to choose shin guards?
* It depends on the sport you practice, it is not the same to do muay thai than to do mma, in mma the sock type are much more comfortable, while for muay thai it can be interesting the extra protection that those of "all life" give with closure velcro
* The material is usually semi-leather
* Size: Must go right up to the kneecap


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