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Boxing gloves for children. Boxing is an Olympic sport and can be practiced at any age. Until 16 years of age, she trains without contact, that is, the boy learns boxing techniques, does physical training, works with mittens and bags, but does not get hit.

When choosing boxing gloves they have to be aware that these will be the protection of their children and that is why they should seek to buy the best quality they find; from our side we tell them NOT to buy cheap and poor quality. A few more euros difference will be decisive in the health care of children.

Quality and price usually go hand in hand, so with gloves, without exception, the same thing happens. Next, we will describe the materials used to make children's gloves:

-The best quality are made of 100% natural leather. This material not only offers the best protection but it is also the most durable.

-In the second place we place the Venum model, made of a special material called Skintex; It is a premium synthetic leather, more textile than other synthetic materials.

-The polyurethane, synthetic leather gloves are of medium high quality. We recommend their use since they are affordable and maintain a good standard of use and durability.

-Finally, we mention the rest of the synthetic leather. They are the cheapest in the range of gloves that we recommend for your children.

It is important to pay special attention to the padding that covers the cuffs. A very rigid and hard padding can cause discomfort and even hurt, but a padding that is too soft will not provide the necessary protection. It is necessary to look for the midpoint, and that is why we recommend that you look for gloves with triple padding, as they would be from the Leona, Buddha and / or Venum brands.

Regarding the design of the models, we believe that the best ones for the little ones are those that bring the velcro closure, since they can put them on and take them off themselves without the help of a second person.

Glove weights do not vary much, for children ages 3-9, the weight ranges from 4 to 6 ounces. For children 10 years and older, the weight ranges from 6 to 8 ounces.

We would like to make two last suggestions so that you can make the purchase in the best way. First of all, it would be nice if they allowed children to choose the color and design of the gloves they were going to use. Secondly, it is important that they try them on before buying them, since they must be comfortable for them to wear for a long time.


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