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Venum Power Training System Lite


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Venum Power Training System Lite

The PTS Light or Venum Power Training System Lite represents a revolutionary innovation in the field of physical training, specially designed for those looking for a lighter and more manageable version of the original PTS. This Lite version maintains the essence of its predecessor, offering a versatile and effective training solution, ideal for improving endurance, strength and physical durability.
One of the highlights of the PTS Lite is its modular nature. This system allows for complete customization of training, adapting to a wide range of fitness needs and goals. Whether you're focusing on developing cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, or both, the PTS Lite gives you the tools necessary to efficiently achieve your goals.
Portability is another key feature of the PTS Lite. Designed to be easily transportable, this system can be carried and used in almost any environment, from a home training space to a park or gym. This flexibility is ideal for athletes and fitness enthusiasts who prefer the comfort and freedom of training in different locations.
The PTS Lite is exceptionally friendly for users of all levels, from beginners to advanced athletes. The variety and intensity of the exercises can be adjusted according to your personal goals, skill level and preferred sporting discipline. This makes it ideal for both those just starting their fitness journey and experienced athletes looking to maintain or improve their performance.
Finally, installing the Power Training System is remarkably quick and easy. Whether you set it up in a gym or in the comfort of your home, the setup process is straightforward, allowing you to start your workout without unnecessary delays. In short, the Venum PTS Light is a comprehensive, adaptable and easy-to-use training solution, perfect for anyone serious in their pursuit of physical improvement and athletic performance.

Technical characteristics:

PTS Lite content:
- 1x T-Connect carabiner.
- 2x main shoulder straps.
- 2x handles.
- 2x anklets.
- 2 foot loops.
- 1x door accessory.
- 2x extension straps.
- Brand: VenumWeight: 3.500000
SKU: VENUM-04181-116

Why you will love it:

Venum is currently the top brand in contact sports, without a doubt. It outfits UFC fighters, and all their products ensure the highest quality.




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