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boxing glove brands

Boxing, for some time now, has been sweeping gyms for its many benefits . So far, it has become a trend that has captivated thousands of people... are you one of them? For this reason, boxing glove brands have become very popular. Therefore, if you are thinking of buying boxing gloves , you should know which ones are the best.


The most recognized brands of boxing gloves


There are many brands of boxing gloves that go on the market to offer their products. But, despite everything, the highest quality boxing gloves are the ones that attract the most attention . Users place them at the top for the needs they satisfy. And, at the end of the day, the difference between quality gloves and those that are not, is clear.

If you are thinking about starting boxing as training or to reach the professional level, you should use good gloves . This will help you be protected and return accurate blows to your opponent.

For all this, below we will show you everything you need to know about the best brands of boxing gloves for you:


Venum, resistance and durability


One of the most recognized and award-winning brands of boxing gloves is Venum . This company specializes in creating all types of contact sports equipment . This industry was created in Brazil in 2008.

Their boxing glove designs are created to withstand great resistance . This allows them to be very durable . Even the thumbs of the glove are attached to the body, to prevent the player from suffering any type of injury.

They use a very high quality synthetic material to make them, making Venum a renowned boxing brand .


Buddha Sports, national quality


The Buddha Sports brand offers all types of material for contact sports. It is a Spanish firm that emerged in 2007, having been offering quality boxing gloves and other types of products necessary for these sports for more than 10 years.

Among their materials , they usually use top-quality synthetic leather and foam injections , which cushion shocks and distribute the force, preventing the wrists from suffering. If you are looking for the best brands of boxing gloves, Buddha Sports products are one of the first options you should consider.


Leone , Italian reliability


It is possible to know the brands of Italian boxing gloves , but they cannot be compared to Leone 's gloves . This brand, since 1947, has brought to market a large number of models that have attracted the attention of many people.

The entire glove is made with buffalo leather, which gives it great resistance and durability. Its filling has been made with a very resistant material, which is known as polyurethane foam. Thanks to these materials, the force of the blow is distributed and is not localized only in one area, avoiding hand and wrist injuries.

boxing gloves


DSK, High Quality Spanish Innovation


Introducing DSK , the Spanish brand that has revolutionized the boxing glove market since its creation in 2023. With an unwavering commitment to the highest quality standards, DSK has quickly established itself as a benchmark in the world of boxing and contact sports.

DSK gloves stand out for their innovative design and the use of cutting-edge materials that guarantee exceptional durability and comfort. Additionally, the brand has placed special emphasis on breathability and odor prevention, ensuring that its gloves not only protect athletes' hands but also maintain optimal hygiene during intense training.

Choosing DSK means choosing quality, innovation and performance. Its dedication to meeting the needs of boxers, from amateur to professional, makes it a wise choice for those looking for the best in boxing equipment.


RDX, the experts' choice


RDX brand gloves are part of professional boxing equipment . Every expert in the area can recognize from a distance that this firm makes gloves for experts . This production is carried out in synthetic leather .

In addition, it is one of the few brands of boxing gloves that places a gel protection on the inside. This is a hand safety system known as Shell-Shock . It has a perspiration method so that the hand does not sweat excessively. Thus, over time, RDX has risen to the point of offering many of the best boxing gloves on the market.


Everlast, a classic


Everlast is one of the most prestigious boxing glove brands in contact sports. It has a series of models for its audience that are perfect for boxing training . In the center of the palm is a mesh known as Evercool, which allows air to circulate, thus preventing excessive sweating that you may experience while training.

One of its models has undergone high-tech work , which consists of an antimicrobial treatment to prevent bacteria and bad odors from proliferating. That is why Everlast has catapulted itself as one of the best boxing glove brands on the planet.

boxing equipment

Nike, revolution in boxing boots


Nike , a giant in the world of sports, has also made its mark on boxing with its innovative line of boxing boots . These boots are designed to offer maximum performance, combining lightness, support and unprecedented comfort. With meticulous attention to detail, Nike ensures that each pair provides stability and flexibility, allowing boxers to move quickly and effectively in the ring. The advanced technology and cutting-edge design of its boxing boots reflect Nike's commitment to excellence and innovation in sports equipment.


Adidas, German efficiency


Adidas , a giant in the world of sports, also shines in the boxing arena with its impressive line of boxing boots. Recognized for its dedication to quality, innovation and design, Adidas offers boxing boots that combine exceptional comfort, durability and support. These boots are designed to meet the needs of boxers of all levels, from beginners to professionals, ensuring optimal performance in the ring. The perfect blend of advanced technology and aesthetic design makes Adidas boxing boots a favorite choice among athletes looking to improve their mobility, stability and speed during fights and training.


Winning, professional gloves


Winning stands out in the boxing scene for its high-end equipment, especially valued by professionals due to its exceptional quality and comfort. Winning boxing boots are the result of a meticulous manufacturing process that combines traditional craftsmanship with technical innovations, providing boxers with a unique advantage in terms of support and lightness. With a focus on protection and adaptability, these boots are designed to maximize performance in the ring, allowing for agile and quick movements. The choice of champions around the world, Winning remains synonymous with excellence and durability in boxing equipment, making its boots a valuable investment for those committed to the sport at a competitive level.


Charlie, Spanish tradition in boxing


Known for her passion and tradition in boxing, Charlie stands out in the Spanish market for offering high quality boxing gloves. Founded decades ago, it has managed to stay relevant thanks to its commitment to innovation and quality. Their gloves are appreciated by both amateurs and professionals, thanks to their comfort, durability and careful design.


Fujimae, martial arts and boxing from Barcelona


Originally from Barcelona, Fujimae is a brand that specializes in martial arts and boxing equipment. By offering high quality products, Fujimae has earned the trust of the martial arts and boxing community internationally. Their boxing gloves are known for their resistance, comfort and adaptability to different combat disciplines.


Hayabusa, innovation and technology in boxing


Hayabusa is positioned at the forefront of boxing glove design and technology. This Canadian brand is famous for its focus on innovation, offering products that improve the performance and protection of athletes. Hayabusa gloves are chosen by professionals for their superior quality, ergonomic fit and advanced materials that ensure an exceptional training experience.


Fairtex: Thai Tradition and Excellence


Fairtex , with its roots in Thailand, is synonymous with excellence in the world of boxing and Muay Thai. Their gloves are appreciated for the perfect combination of artisanal tradition and modernity, offering incomparable protection and a fit that feels like a second skin. The brand prides itself on its commitment to quality, using only the best materials to ensure every hit is effective and safe.


Top King: Superior Protection and Design


Another gem from Thailand, Top King stands out for its dedication to providing boxing gloves that offer superior protection and eye-catching design. They are known for their use of premium materials and attention to detail, resulting in gloves that not only protect hands and wrists, but also stand out visually in the ring.


Grant: Luxury and Personalization


Grant Worldwide has made a name for offering luxury boxing gloves that combine customization, comfort and performance. Famous among professional boxers and celebrities, Grant gloves are handmade, allowing for extensive customization in terms of colors, materials and fit. This brand is the choice for those looking to distinguish themselves in the ring with high quality equipment and exclusive design.

Selecting the right brand of boxing gloves is crucial for any boxer who is serious about their training and competition. The brands mentioned here are just some of the best on the market, each with their own unique features and benefits. Whether you are looking for innovation, tradition, design or customization, there is a brand that fits your needs. For more information about these and other boxing equipment, do not hesitate to contact us . We are here to help you find the best equipment


Rival, boxing excellence from the United Kingdom


From the United Kingdom, Rival has established itself as one of the leading brands in the world of boxing. With a strong focus on innovation and quality, Rival offers boxing gloves that stand out for their design, comfort and durability. Its commitment to developing products that meet the needs of boxers of all levels, from beginners to professionals, makes Rival a trusted brand internationally.

This is our list of boxing glove brands. Remember that in our boxing store we have the best options and items for you. If you want to get more information about it, contact us . We will be happy to assist you and advise you on the best materials for this exciting sport.



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