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Raja Boxing, the Thai contribution

This list could not miss the representation of the Thai country within the best brands of boxing gloves. And is that Thailand has always been strongly linked to contact sports , so the production of products in this country gives a plus of reliability.

All Raja Boxing gloves include very fine and resistant cowhide , thus giving all their products incredible breathability without losing resistance on impacts. It is a firm that is endorsed by experts in this sport , so deciding on one of their gloves is always a success.


BenLee Rocky Marciano, pure comfort

Although the gloves offered by BenLee are not custom boxing gloves, they do have many benefits . This is one of the boxing glove brands that has strived to give their customers more comfort. The comfort that can be felt when reaching into the glove cannot be described.

The padding has been made in three layers to substantially reduce the impact. But, best of all, it helps the air circulation pass between the hand and the glove . In this way, excessive sweating is avoided when using these training gloves .


RDX, the experts' choice

RDX brand gloves are part of professional boxing equipment. Any expert in the area can recognize from a distance that this firm makes gloves for experts . This elaboration is carried out in synthetic leather .

Also, it is one of the few boxing glove brands that puts a gel protection inside. It is a safety system for the hand known as Shell-Shock . It has a perspiration method so that the hand does not sweat excessively. Thus, over time, RDX has risen to offer many of the best boxing gloves on the market.


Everlast, a classic

Everlast is one of the most prestigious boxing glove brands in contact sports. It has for its public a series of models that are perfect for boxing training . In the center of the palm there is a mesh known as Evercool, which allows air to circulate, thus avoiding excessive sweating that you may present while training.

One of its models has undergone high-tech work , which consists of an antimicrobial treatment to prevent bacteria and bad odors from proliferating. That is why Everlast has catapulted itself as one of the best boxing glove brands on the planet.


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