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How to choose boxing mouth guard

How to choose boxing mouth guard

Investing in a good boxing protector can avoid costly visits to the dentist, it is the protection of contact sports that you will amortize the most. The mouthguards Boxing protect the jaw in addition to the teeth, it is mandatory take in all competitions and should always have it done sparring and even comes well take when there is no contact to get used to the feel and learn to breathe with him

There are simple mouthpieces and double mouthpieces, currently 99% of the mouthpieces that are used are simple, since they are much more comfortable than double ones. Both are in one piece, but the double ones also protect the teeth at the bottom. Doubles make breathing very difficult

In MMA Style the mouthguards that we sell are simple, with a layer of gel, which adapts to the teeth by boiling it, so that nothing moves when wearing it. To mold it you have to boil it for about 20 seconds, immediately put it in cold water for a couple of seconds and put it in the mouth, the gel layer adapts to the shape of the teeth, we keep it 10-15 seconds and put it back in cold water. We already have the mouthpiece ready to use. In this video you can see how it is molded:

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Tips for taking care of your boxing mouth

Before storing it in its box, wash it with soap and water and dry it well


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