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The key to success is consistency. Perform your routine every day and choose exercises that help you improve day after day such as training with a punching bag.

On other occasions on our blog we have told you which are the best punching bags. In this post we want to teach you how to use them.

Do you know punching bag exercises? If not, keep reading and you will learn how practicing this sport can bring you numerous benefits.

Go for it! and hit it hard.


What are the benefits of punching bag training?


Punching bags are becoming common in all gyms. In fact, it's not just boxers who beat them, but punching bag training is increasingly being included in routines.


The benefits of boxing are interesting for any athlete. But especially for those who bet on varying their exercise table and facing new challenges.

Some of the advantages of punching bag training are:

It is an excellent aerobic exercise, ideal to burn calories: when exercising with a punching bag, you perform small jumps that make the movement constant.
For this reason, there are not few coaches who include boxing techniques in the exercise tables to lose weight.

→ You will get more power: in each stroke, biceps, triceps and delts give their best, so these types of exercises are ideal to work our upper body.

→ Punching bag exercises are good for the heart

→ They are ideal for working the abdominal area: apart from the arms, the twists and rotations that are made when you hit the bag make you work this area.

→ They improve balance and coordination: the movements of your legs should be in step with your blows. It is not something that is easily achieved and requires consistency in your punching bag training.

→ Hitting the bag releases stress and adrenaline: if you are tired and want to get rid of the tension of a long work routine, a few good punches may be the best remedy.

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Punching bag workouts ➞ which ones are the best?


Have you decided to practice boxing and don't know where to start? Once you have seen the benefits of this sport, surely you decide to bet on it or, at least, include boxing techniques in your training.


No punching bag training is the same as another. To choose the one that best suits you, you should think about the time you have to train, if you are going to do boxing at home and what techniques you want to perfect.

From MMA Style we want to help you in the selection of exercises in punching bags so that you get the most out of your workouts.

Are you coming with us? Well, prepare your boxing gloves and don't forget to leave laziness in the drawer because boxing is only for the brave.

Routine with punching bags to increase strength


As we have mentioned before, practicing boxing increases our muscular power. But this is not something that is achieved instantly, it requires dedication and including the appropriate exercises in our table.


A good option in boxing workouts for beginners is combo exercises.

It involves repeating the same combination of punches on the punching bag for an entire round. If you practice it together with other people, you can take turns to make it less monotonous.

Its main advantage is that it helps the muscle begin to acquire memory.

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Boxing techniques to increase stamina


Boxing is a sport that requires a great cardiovascular effort so it is important to control your breathing.

To work your endurance, it is important that you include a round of exercises with quick punch combinations in your boxing routine. That is, hitting the bag as many times as possible over a period of time.

The goal of this exercise is to maintain a steady breath while striking.

In this type of punching bag training you have to focus on throwing a lot of punches, so save the strength for another time.


Boxing training routine to increase speed


The development of speed goes hand in hand with endurance. Therefore, punching bag training is the same, only done in 15-second intervals.

It is a good idea to combine speed and resistance exercises in the same round and that, if you practice it with other people, take turns. In this way, the exercise table is much more enjoyable and fun.

To hit fast your breathing has to be agile. Maintaining a good rhythm when breathing will help you get your punches going at full speed.

In this type of boxing exercise, the important thing is to go fast, so you better forget the technique for a moment.

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Punching bag training to improve accuracy


A good boxer must deliver accurate punches. Punching bag workouts are not the best for perfecting this point.

However, a good trick is to tape one of the points on the punching bag and try to deliver a sharp, precise hit on this part.

In these exercises, speed is not important, so we must focus on the technique of the blows and perform each of them better than the previous one.

After all these tips, you no longer have an excuse to start doing your exercises. You just have to buy the best boxing equipment and remember that it is like life itself; it's about hitting and taking hits.

In MMA Style you can choose the best boxing training material. Visit us

Author: Francisco Serafín


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