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Do you need to buy some new boxing bandages? In MMA Style we have a wide variety in which you will surely find the ones you need.

Wearing good boxing gloves is not enough to keep your hands protected. Therefore, it is important that you use boxing bandages to avoid possible injuries.

Why use boxing bandages?
Bandages are a boxing material intended solely for the protection of our hands.

With its use we can avoid injuries such as:

Wrist sprains
 Dislocations of the thumb
 Bruised knuckles
For its use to be effective, apart from betting on the best boxing bandages, it is important that we place them well. In such a way that our ligaments are tight and our knuckles are protected.

There is nothing better for a good boxing training than to do it in the best conditions in terms of safety.

Types of boxing bandages
To carry out your training in a punching bag we have different bandages with which you will have the best protection.

Cotton boxing bandages
They are the favorite bandages of those who train daily since they are washable and very economical.

Its only drawback is that you have to know well how to put boxing bandages, since they are presented in rolls with a velcro at the end.

Elastic bandages
They are preferred by professionals. Some say that it is tightened too much, but it is the only way to guarantee that the ligaments that our hands maintain a good position when we perform hard training.

Glove-shaped boxing bandages
They are the latest innovation in boxing bandages. Its main advantage is that they are very easy and quick to put on.

In this way, in a short time your bones and joints will be protected.

Tips to take care of your boxing bandages
In order for your boxing bandages to be in perfect condition, in such a way that they take care of your hands and the condition of your boxing gloves, it is necessary to wash them regularly.

Boxing bandages can be washed without problem in the washing machine, yes, never put them in the dryer as they are deformed.

When washing them, we recommend that you buy a special nylon bag. This will prevent them from becoming tangled and useless.

If you're not going to wash boxing bandages that day and you sweat a lot, always roll the bandage up after training. In this way you will avoid hardening with perspiration.

It is important that if you go to train every day you buy several boxing bandages to always have one of them in perfect condition.

From MMA Style we always provide you with the best boxing equipment so that you can achieve your goals and enjoy your favorite sport. Go hard! And complete your boxing equipment with us.


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